School Policy and Application


Music School Expectations for Parents and Pupils

In return for weekly tuition during term-time, the School has the following expectations of families:

• All students must attend and take part in music theory at 10am.

•. All students must attend and take part in the choir at 11am.

•. All students must arrive at their individual lessons on time.

•. One parent/guardian should sit in on their child’s instrumental lesson(s) once per half- term, dates to be arranged with the individual teacher(s);

· In case of unavoidable need for a lesson to be missed, notice must be given by text message or email at least 24 hours beforehand to both the school co-ordinator (Felix Buser) and the individual teacher(s). Two absences without notice within a single term may result in your child losing their right to receive lessons in future;

· As we are in loco parentis, children must not be collected during school hours without the teaching staff being informed. In addition, arrival and departure must always recorded in the attendance book in St Matthew’s entrance lobby in the presence of a member of staff; 

· Parents or guardians must be ready to collect their children by arriving at St Matthew’s no later than 15 minutes before the end of scheduled teaching time (2.00 pm), as Jonas teaching staff cannot be held responsible for children’s safety outside school hours;

· The pupil should be ready to give an individual and/or group performance twice a term, once at the school end-of-term concert (usually at St Matthew’s itself) and once at an external engagement, dates to be notified at or near the start of term;

· A £1 payment is to be made on arrival at St Matthew’s each week, to go towards lunch costs;.

· Children may be included in still or video photography during school time or on school business, for use in the Jonas Foundation website/annual report or other publicity for the charity.

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