Our Patrons

Sir Andrew Parmley


Director of the Royal College of Organists (Lord Mayor of the City of London 2016-2017) 


"The Jonas project in the UK is of the highest importance to the young of the area known as "Elephant-and-Castle"

Perhaps more important than the actual music is the structure these lessons provide in an area of outstanding deprivation.

The young people live by the discipline that regular practice and team work generates in an environment where many people of their age live in dysfunctional families and where crime and gang membership are common pastimes."

Richard Townend


Director of Hill House School, London.

 "For many of these children this opportunity for music making has been a lifeline... They have a team of dedicated music tutors who encourage all the pupils to make good progress and I have attended performances where it is evident that all their pupils have responded well to the expert tuition they have received." 

Radu Lupu

Radu Lupu


"I have followed the extraordinary development of the Jonas Foundation since its start and could measure the engagement, passion and generosity of this courageous project. (...)  At music camps, which I had the opportunity to visit, I have been impressed by the high quality of the teaching given by professional musicians of the highest niveau (...). Although the teaching of music holds a central role, other activities are just as important in a broader view which is important for the development of the young.  Spiritual reflexion, cultural events, games and sports are all part of the Jonas project in order to enhance a better social integration of the young (...).

In conclusion, I cannot but wish and recommend that the Jonas Foundation will receive the financial, moral and political support which it deserves."

The late, and much regretted, Ravi Shankar



"Music is the only language that I really know. Music transcends all barriers and is the most beautiful communicative skill one can have.

      Music makes us all experience different emotions or the Navasava as we call it and also experience the Divine."

~Ravi Shankar.


 Sukanya Shankar writes:

"My husband Ravi Shankar and I went to hear some of the children and teenagers from the Jonas Foundation who performed for us in Covent Garden.

They sang and played some musical instruments and we were deeply moved by the experience. I was in tears to see such dedication both from the teachers and students.

(...) My husband believed that if every child had the opportunity to learn Music as a youngster, there would be less violence and more peace in the world.

But does this privilege come only to the rich who can afford to give music education to their children?

The Jonas Foundation in the UK and elsewhere in the World have taken it among themselves to do this incredible work with passion..."